Founded in 2014, the owners of Sonus Technologies noticed a developing need for providing information technology support to small businesses. They observed so many of their brethren struggle with simultaneously managing a growing reliance on technology and the actual business that supports their livelihood. Company email systems, data backups, websites, robust anti-virus solutions, etc., become more complex as the business grows. Combine this with the need for multiple offices accessing the same systems, employees working remotely, and the introduction of business continuity when the physical office is closed, it quickly becomes insurmountable to support internally without adding significant personnel and cost. Continuing their drive for developing innovative solutions for their customer base, Sonus recognized many of their customers lived and managed businesses in rural locations, and struggled with the demands placed on existing internet service. Several others needed mobile internet solutions stronger and faster than what they could get when tethering to their phone. Sonus established a strategic partnership with a cellular internet technology provider and now delivers high speed internet service where such performance was previously unattainable. Sonus also expanded their service to support families and homes with their IT needs, delivering security, email, storage, and backup solutions that provide additional stability as well as the safekeeping of family memories and documents.