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    August 22, 2018
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Ask the Arborist Jamie Wood Greg Bradshaw Shane Wagoner I.S.A. Certified Arborists Caring for the soil in the fall yields results in the spring Fall is a scason when soil moisture and tem- perature is perfect for rot growth. Root systems store reserves of starch that will become active energy in the spring when new growth occurs, n landscapes soil nutricnts are constantly being depleted by trees, grasses and shrubs as well as by leaching or run of. A critical key to main- taining strong, healthy plants is ensuring necessary nutrients are in place and are available for the plants to use for photosynthesis and growth. De- pending on soil type and location the soil nutrient compositions can vary quite a bit. The first step in determining the soil care needs of your plants should be a thorough inspection of the site and soil ling as ecded. Based on the inspection and il analysis a custom soil care program can then be developed for your plants specifically In some situations where tree roots are either not healthy enough or are simply not present fertilization may not be the answer. No amount of fertilizer wl help a tree if the roots are simply not there. In these cases, the root growth zone should be improved to encourage more root growth. Winter months can be hard on plants. They sustain storm damage, freezing and thawing temperatures, animal browsing and may have over-wintering pests and discases that will appear in the spring, Having a professional who is trained in horticulture and arboriculture assess the con- dition of your landscape and take steps to protect your plantings for the winter months is a proactive approach to the health care of your plants. Arboriculture is a rapidly growing industry with a wide range of employment types. We have career opportunitics available for those interested in caring for trees and shrubs. Plcase visit our web- site for details on different types of opportunities and benefits. For more information call us at (540) 364-2401 or 1-877-Bartlett BARTLETT BARTLETT TREE EXPERTS