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    August 2, 2018
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Anne C. Hall Anne Talks Real Estate LONG &FOSTER | CHRISTIE'S Associate Broker, CRS, GRI, SRES Long & Foster, Realtors 492 Blackwell Rd Warrenton, VA 20168 540-341-3538 R These property transfers, filed July 23-July 29, 2018, were provided by the Clerk of the Court in Fauquier County (Please note that to conserve space, only the first person named as the grantor or grantee is listed. The kind of instrument a deed unless stated otherwise.) Top dollar deal: $910,000 in Cedar Run District Cedar Run District Betty A. Compton to Alan Corbett, 269 Equestrian Dr., Warrenton. $525,000 Bealeton. $328,000 Jonathan O. Drummonds Jr. to Fredis Samucl T. Moran IV by Sub. Tr. to Sumey Hose LC, 26285 acres at l 3566 Wargo Properties LLC to Dylan Percira Orlando Ventura. 1.5 acres at 7467 Storybook Fam Lane, Goldvein $301,800. Serra, 0.3774 acre at 319 Waterloo St. Bota Rd., Bealeton. $130,000 KNR Holdings LLCto Robert Comicl I1 acres at I818 Patriot Way, Midland $375,000 Warrenton. $425,000 Opus I LLC to S&J Capital, Unit 8 at 77 6593 Declaration Ct., Bealeton. $365,900 W Lee St., Warrenton, $109,000 Donna D, Olinger to Steven Payne, 232 Steven C. Jackson by Sub. Argent Robinson St.. Warrenton. $210,000 Andrey Solntsev to Allison Johns, 183 5542 John Barton Payne Rd., Marshall. Gail L. Hodges to Randy Adam Wright Marshall District IC, 1.6469 acres at 8722 Mectze Road, nr. Warrenton $130,000 Devclopment LLC, 5.5664 acres at RII WC LC to NVR Inc., 0.600 acre. Ist Eini St., Warrenton $375,000 38, Phase 1, Warenton Chase $412,572 es L. Campbell Jr to Pamela NVR Inc. to William Weidman, 06626 M. Mchiel, 775 Chermy Tree lane, acre at 7794 Waeton Chase Drive. $574,499 $366,000 John L. Oliphant Jr. to Donald R. Bradner, 5 acres at 3763 Cherry Hill Rd., nr. Linden. $142,000 Warrenton. $280,000 Town of Warrenton to Kirk M. Goolsby, MaciaA. Cronan to Beteseb Farm acres on Main St. and Calo LLC, 1001 aces at 4092 Rolling Hills leffrey M. Lash to Richard Mas, 1743 382 acres at 5377 Herdlan Lane, Midland. $910,000 Warrenton. $425,000 Dr, nr. Delaplane. $490,000 Laura Mary Miller to Barbara Schei Lee District Donna H. Abel to Muray Group LI.C. 23705 acres off Razor Hill Rd Bealcton. $80,000 Michacl E Block to Benaya Makmure, 8.66 acres off Enon School Rd. $70,000 10844 Spencer St., Bealcton $362,000 Mustafa Dennis to Jose De Jesus Roman. Brandon Holfman to Quynh Toang8589 Pellam Ct, Marshall. $197,000 Nguyen, 7635 Wankoma Drive Christopher Hayes to Amy Maric Allen, 1.85 acres at 11353 Elk Run Rd Catlett. $321,000 Braden Harigan to Douglas B. Hendrie, 5 acres at 4706 Greene Love Lane, Marshall. $475,000 Reminton $180,000 ndrew W. Jones to Doug Hazclrigg. Katherine Kane to Jeffrey N. Thomas, 2209 Remland CL, Remington $335,000 2.0005 acres at 5399 Casanova Rd. Warrenton. $328,7500 Scott District B. Buchanan to Keith M. Wooxds James Robbins to Zane Whitney. 6304 Pitcher CL, Bealeton. $326,000 Richard L. Mast to KingC. DaoII658 America Way, Bealcton. $345,000 1.74635 acres at 6511 Gray's Mill Rd nr. Warrenton. S325,000 Center District George Fred Beecroft Estate by Executor, to Benjamin Rainey Jr, 219 Dover Rd Warrenton. $440,000 N&P Renovations LLC to David William Koerting, 0.271 acre at 140 Frazier Rd.. Warrenton. $442,000 Fauquier Lakes Limited Partnership to nr. Warrenton. $385,849 Charles F Heid to Homer A. Gaouctte rook Developers LIC to NVR N Inc.. Lot 36, Phase 1, Brookside Inc., Lot 100, Phase A Section 1 Bealcton $88,794.26 Joann Aboc to Emesto A. Arias, 1.8053 IV 1.1899 acres at 5749 Richlands acres at 6586 Covington's Comer Rd. Dve, nr. Warrenton. $596,000