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    May 23, 2018
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Inspiring Thougfits by Randy Minter BODY AND SOUL The art and science of preserving the bodies of the dead was originally practiced by the ancient Egyptians, who were the first people to believe in the immortality of the soul Ihey undertook the elaborate process of mummification in the belief that the soul would never foresake the body as long as the body remained intact. Embalming preserved the body so the soul could return to it after the completion of the "circle of necessity," a 3,000-year journey that the soul was required to make before it could return to the body and live with the gods forever. Modem embalmers continue the important process of body preservation so that the bodies of deceased individuals can be displayed and accorded respect. Embalming is primarily done to disinfect and preserve the remains. Disinfection is important for all who have to handle the remains and for the public safety of our communities Without embalming, most remains would not be viewable within a short amount of time because there are constant changes going on chemically and physically. To learn more about our funeral and memorial services, please call MOSER FUNERAL HOME at (540) 347-3431. We invite you to tour our facility at 233 Broadview Ave. Warrenton. Ask us about our BRIGHT VIEW CEMETERY, just outside of Warrentorn "To fear death is to misunderstand lif -unknown