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    August 22, 2018
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PROPERTY TRANSFERS SPONSORED BY.MARNA MARCHESANI Describe your home to me and I will find it! ROSS REAL ESTATE 3 on, VA 20186 | (571) 237-8218 Marina Marchesani ssociate Broker Garrett Street Warrent These property transers pled Ang 13 uirongh Ang 19, 2018 were provided by the Clerk of te Cowrt an Fawgwier County, (Please wote that to conserve space, only the first person nomed as the grantor or grantee is listed The kind of nstrmwent is a deed unless stated otherwise) Top dollar deal: $1,250,000 in Cedar Run District Cedar Run District 166 Winchester St. Winchester Mews. North Franklin St, Remington S72,500 Robert Miclhael Husted Family LLCWenton S424,900 to Catlett Ivestment LLC,10.8931 Marshall District res at 3131 Gaskins Lanc, Catlett S1,250,000 Barry R. Barett to Jonathan P Windsor Paul W Smith to Daniel J. Helms, 7133 Chesterfield Drive, Warrenton 5,000 acres at 7270 Locust Run Marslall. S525,000 Christina L. Nickle to Matthew Knam, 4.9940 acres at 8194 Greemvich Rd Catlett. S378,000 William Perry to David Barrington, Steven G. Sutton to Jason Allen. 10.00918 acres at 8464 Mountain Road. nr. Warrenton S670,000 7621 Movren Lane, Warrenton Rosa Lec Wood as Exccutor to Aveni Propertics LLC, 2 acres at 5613 Balls Lee District Matthew Noland to Jeffrey K. Weilcr 35.9379 acres at 3600 Sage Road. Delaplane. S409,000 Il Road, nr Midland, S215,000 NVR Inc. to Walter Giron, 7618 Hancock St., Bealcton. S402,300 RFI WC LC to NVR Inc., 0.5885 acre in Warrenton Chase, Phase 1. S412572 NVR Inc, to Kcith Kciser, 2249 Sedgwick Drive, Remington. $316,770 Scott District Roy O. Sisk to Edna M. Guzman Lynn Joseph Wines to Marc Monroe II 9256 Prospcct Ave., Catlctt. $140,000 Michacl L. Straight to Three Oranges 0.7232 at 7403 Bunker Hill Road and 0.8699 acre on BunkerHill Rd, at Rt. 55, nr. The Plains S280,000 LLC, 10.116 sq. ft. at 10941 Rugby Katherine A Breweto George E. V 2.3049 acres at 4311 Razor Hill Road. Drive, Bealcton, S211,666.67 BealctonMorrisville. $250,000 Michacl Straight to Three Oranges LLC, 20,225 sq.f a136 Crest Lanc. 5839 Windsor Retreat, r. Warrenton. Andrew R. Welch to Tod Hisao Okuma Marian Felicia Copeland to Robert E. Bcaleton S211,666.67 Favlor, 0.59 acre at 3189 Tencrife Road. Catlctt. S175,000 Jeffrey Wayne Evans to Adam Bartman Fauqier Lakes Limited Partncrship 11384 Falling Creck Drive, Bealeton NVR Inc., Lot 104, Phase 11-D Jolly Ivestments LLC to Edward L. S400 Hamis, 1.031 acre at 7389 Greenwich Road, Nokesville. S435,000 Brookside nr. Warrenton. $477.515 Jason E, Husch to Ngozi Okolo, Townhouscs) 6175 Newton Lane. Bcalcton, S240,000 Peter C. Lillie Jr. to David R Cunningham, Land Bay H at 3759 Osbome Drive, nr. Warrenton S599,900 Center District Miclael Steven Whceler to Walter Lce Owens Jr. 123 Erin Drive. Warre $434,900 Michacl Straight to Thrce Oranges LLC, 10744 Blake Lane, Bealeton S211666.67 Fauquicr Lakes Limited Partnership to NVR Inc, Lot 97, Phase 11-D, Brookside nr. Warrenton. S250,762 Marilyn G. Cainc to Kathlcen M. Rizzo 713 Starting Point Court, Warrenton Mcgan Plant to Susan E. Millard, 1121 NVR Inc. to Beth Gutshall Nelson, 6866 Lake Anne Court nr. Warrenton Frecdom Court, Bealeton. S340,000 Barbara Cochran to William Lewis Bland, 129 Fairfax Strect, Waenton S400,000 NVR Inc. to John Hutchison, 4102 Clarke Street. Bealeton. S458.840 Rockwood Homes Inc. to Katherinc Droguctt 2.0098 acres at 6326 Vint Hill L.S. Revisions LLC to David Schribner, ter 6928 Maplewood Drive Road, nrWarrenton. S672,934 0,32 acre at 146 Frazicr Road. Warrenton S375,000 Kayla J. Wisman to Randolph Lec Bcalcton, S290,000 Wildemess Homes Inc. to Total Elizabeth DeJesus to David Hamilton Jr, 5075 Allison Marshall Drive, nr Myles E. Robinson to Cynthia Nelson Holdings Group LLC, Parcel at 200 Warreton. S655,000