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    September 12, 2018
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NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC OF AN APPLICATION BY COLUMBIA GAS OF VIRGINIA, INC FOR APPROVAL TO IMPLEMENTA 2019 SAVE PLAN INFRASTRUCTURE RELIABILITY AND REPLACEMENT ADJUSTMENT IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 20 OF ITS GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS On August 15, 2018, Columbia Gas of Virginia, Inc. (CVA or Company). filed with the Statc Corporation Commission Commission"), pursuant to the Steps to Advancc Virginia's Encrgy Plan (SAVE) Act Chapter 26 of Title 56 C SAVE Act) of the Code of VirginiaCode), an application Application for approval to implement a 2019 Infrastructure Reliability and Rcplaccment Adjustment IRRA"). Section 56-604 A of the SAVE Act allows CVA to recover SAVE cligible infrastructure costs (as defined in Code § 56 603) through a SAVE Rider, which s defined 1n the Company's tariff as the IRRA. Accordingly. CVA roquests authority to implement a 2019 IRRA in accordance with Section 20 of its General Terms and Conditions, as contemplated in the Commission's November 28, 2011 Order Approving SAVE Plan and Rider n Case No. PUE 2011- 049, and most recent modified b the December 13, 2017 Order Approving Amended SAVE Rider for Calendar Year 2018 in Case No, PUR-2017-00095. The 2019 IRRA comprises a 2017 Infrastnicturc Replacement Reconciliation Rate IRRR") and a 2019 Infrastricture Replacement Current Rate"IRCR) and is billed as a combincd fixed charge cach month. The 2017 IRRR is designed to tnuc-up, on an annual basis, the actual IRRA revcnucs against the preccding year's actual cost of service as dctcnnincd from actual SAVE-cligible expenditures. The 2019 IRCR is designed to recover projccted costs associated with SAVE-cligible infrastructure replacements during calendar year 2019 In its Application, the Company sccks approval of the following: (1) the Company's 2017 IRRR credit in the amount of $57.361: (2) the Company's 2019 IRCR in the amount of 2.201.015: and (3) the filing of rate sheets implementin the 2019 IRCR and 2017 IRRR. The 2019 IRCR and the 2017 IRRR result in an IRRA total charge to customers of $2.143,654 for 2019. The Company requests il the 2019 IRRA be effective with the fist billing unit of Janua y 20191h ough the last billing unit of December 2019, The Company's 2019 IRRA proposed monthly rates by rate schedule are as follows: Residential Sales Service/Residential Transportation Service. S0.53: Sml Gencral Service 1/ Small Gencral Transportation Service , $0.36 Sall General Service 2/Small Gencral Transportation Service 2, S1.38 Small Gencral Service /Small General Transportation Service 3, S4.87; Large General Service ITransportation Service 1, S46.23, and Lage Gencral Service 2/Transpotation Servicc 2, $221.78, In its Application, the Company further requests that the Commission decm sufficient the schedules provided as Attachments A and B to the Application for this and future SAVE Plan filings. Additionally, the Company requests that the Commission relicve the Company of the requirement to submit to the Division of Utility and Railroad Safety a prioritized list of M&R Stations to bc addressed using SAVE funds within 60 days prior tot he initiation of any SAVE-related work. The details of these and other proposals are set forth in the Company's Application. Intcrested persons are encouraged to revicw the Company's Application and supporting testimony and exhibits for the details of these proposals. While the total revee that may be approved by the Commission is limited to the amount produced by the Company's proposed rates, TAKE NOTICE that the Commission may approve revenues and adopt rates, fees, charges, tariff revisions, and terms and conditions of service that differ from those appearing in the Application and supporting documents and may apportion revenues among customer classes oand/or design rates in a manner differing from that shown in the Application and supporting documents. The Commission cntered an Order for Notice and Comment that, among other things, directed the Company to provide notice to the public and provided intcrested persons an opportunity to comment on the Company's Application. A copy of the Company's Application may bc obtained at no charge by requesting a copy of the same from the Company's counscl, T. Borden Ellis, Esquire, and Bryan D. Stogdalc. Esquire, Columbia Gas of Virginia,Inc 1809 Coyote Drive. Chester Virginia 23836. The Application and related documents also shall be available for review in the Commission's Document Control Center, Tyler Buiding. First Floor, 1300 East Main Street, Richmond. Virginia 23219, between the hours of 8:15 am. and 5 p.m.. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Intcrested persons also may download unofficial copies from the Commission's website: http://www.scvirginiagovlcass On or before October 3, 2018, interested persons may file written commets on CVA's Application with Jocl H. Peck, Clerk, State Corporation Commission, PO. Box 2118, Richmond, Virginia 23218. Interested persons desiring to submit commems clectronically may do so on or before October 3, 2018, by following the instnuctions on the Commission's websit: Comments shall refer to Case No. PUR-2018-00132. On or bcfore October 3, 2018, interested pcrsons desiring to participate as a respondent in this procccding shall file a noticc of participation as a respondent pursuant to 5 VAC5 20-80 B of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure If not filed clectronically on the Commission's website: htpz/ an original and fiftcen (15) copies of the notice of participation shall be filed with the Clerk of the Commission at the address sct forth above. The noticc of participation shall set forth:(i) a precise statement of the intcrest of the respondet: (ii) a statement of the specific action sought to the extent then known; and (iii) the factual and legal basis for the action All filings shall refer to Case No. PUR-2018-100132, and copies thcreof simultancously shall be served on counsel for the Company On or before October 3, 2018, inrested persons may request that the Commission convenc a hearing on the Company's Application by filing a request for learing with tlhe Clerk of the Commission at the address set forth above, Requests for hearing shall refer to Case No, PUR-2018-00132 and shall include: (i) a precise statement of the filing party's intcrest in the procccding, a statement of the specific action sought to the extent then known a statement of the legal basis for such action and (iv) a precise statement why a hearing should be conducted in this matter. All filings shall refer to Case No. PUR-2018-00132, and copics thercof simultancously shall be scrved on counsel for the Company The Commission's Rules of Practice and Proccdure may be vicwed at of the Commission's Order in this procecding may be obtaincd from Jocl H. Peck, Clerk, Statc Corporation Commission, clo Document Control Center, P.O. Box 2118, Richmond. Virginia 23218-2118. A printed copy of the Rules of Practice and Proccdure and an official c opy COLUMBIA GAS OF VIRGINIA INC